A husky drawn sled ride is an unrivalled adventure! We give you the opportunity to try driving a husky sled in the true Klondyke spirit.

Our all-inclusive service comprises the following: We transport customers from our Husky&Co. salesoffice to services (a 10 minute trip), where they are welcomed by professional husky instructors.

Customers will receive a cold weather package (including overalls, shoes, etc.). After driving and safety instructions, they will get to meet the eager huskies. The customers will each get to drive a traditional wooden dog pulled sled while another customer sits in the sled, tucked up warm on reindeer hide.

A dog sled ride is an enjoyable, action packed experience. We will take breaks during the trip to change drivers and take pictures. Finally, we will return to the husky farm to enjoy drinks and snacks by an open fire in an exotic, traditional Lappish wooden dwelling.

To finish the excursion, we will meet the farms husky puppies (subject to availability) , say goodbye to our sled dogs and head back to Saariselkä and your accommodation.