Quad Adventure Safari

All thrilling off-road adventure in the arctic wilderness. On a quad safari, We offer SSVs (Site by site vehicles, or quad car) and we ensure you plenty of fun. You will get to see Lapland’s nature open up in a completely different way than in winter. The guide explains the driving and safety instructions before heading off. The quad is for 2 people where the other one is driving and other sits next to driver, the driver can be swapped half way. You will head into the wilderness and get immersed into the arctic nature with a bit of adrenaline.

After end of August - when mysterious auroras again blaze across the night sky, we also offer Aurora Hunting by SSVs, driving in comfortable vehicles, waiting for amazing surprise happens.

Driver should be over 15 years old, holding a valid driving license. Please do not consume any alcohol beverage before safari. 

*Self Risk Liability for all quad vehicle is 1200€ per machine per accident

*Northern Light is natural phenomenon, we are not able to predict its appearance, activity and colours.

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