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Aurora Hunting by Minivan

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 4-11

Try to spot the Aurora above the Finnish Lapland in Saariselkä from the inside of our minivan.

If you are worried about feeling too cold, or like being comfortable and warm inside, our Aurora Hunting with minivan tour is a good option for you. Our guide will take you to the area where it is most possible to see the Northern Lights on that day. Sometimes the sky might be clearer north or south of Saariselkä, so it helps to be able to travel bigger distances in search of clear skies on cloudy days. When we find the right spot, there will be time for taking pictures and have hot drinks with snacks. Service includes pick up from Saariselkä office and close areas.

This tour does not include the winter gears, such as winter overalls or mittens, as we are travelling mostly in warm vehicle. We kindly ask you to dress up warm for being outside when Northern light appears.

Safari minimum requirement is 2 adults paying full price. If you are traveling alone please contact us to ensure there are other participants.

Please note : Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon, we are not able to predict their appearance, activity, or color. But we will do our best to make sure you enjoy the safari.

Rates may change depending on the seasons