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Winter Activities

Finland Winter Adventures with Husky & Co in Saariselkä

a dog that is covered in snow


Our energetic huskies are already waiting to take you on a ride through the Lapland winter!

Did you ever imagine driving a dog sled through a wintry forest? Well now is your chance to give it a go! Our happy and friendly huskies enjoy meeting people and they love to run. Enjoy a day outdoors driving through the forest with your own dog team!

a group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope


Take a magical trip with a snowmobile and enjoy the great outdoors!

The most magnificent forest and fells in Finnish Lapland are located in Saariselkä! Travel with a snowmobile through the Finland winter to the heart of nature. The safari includes transfers, guidance, hot drinks and snacks, and the thrilling experience of snowmobiling in the Lappish wilderness.

a dog that is standing in the snow


The traditional way to travel in the Lapland winter. 

What can be more relaxing and traditional in Lapland than to enjoy a ride with the sleigh pulled by reindeer? Come to our Saariselkä reindeer farm to find out. The safari includes transfers, guidance, a short reindeer ride, hot drinks and snacks while learning interesting facts about reindeer herding.

a rainbow in the sky


This is why You came so far, right?

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are a magical phenomenon that can be seen particularly well at the Saariselkä fell and forest clearings. The mysterious auroras that blaze across the night sky are associated with many exciting popular beliefs about magical forces – both good and bad. There is certainly a scientific explanation as well.

a sunset over a body of water


Slow down and breath in the fresh air

This is Lapland. Our air is fresh and our waters are clear. Nature is close and easily reachable. Snowshoe, Slow down and learn about the nature and culture of Lapland. Come experience our Saariselkä winter park!